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Disaster can strike your house or property at any time and it can leave a trail of destruction and damage.  Sometimes it may look simple, but it is inadvisable as a ‘do it yourself job’.  Water, fire, flood, mold and sewage damage needs professional attention.  Many factors need to be considered in restoration and the cleaning process may vary from property to property.  Action to restore damage should not be delayed.  We are well equipped properly trained to address your needs.

These guidelines have been formulated by relying on restoration principles, research, and practical experience along with inputs from other sources such as scientists, various trade organizations, chemical formulators, equipment manufacturers, schools imparting training in restoration, restoration service companies, Insurance industry etc .

Advantages of using our professional extraction, cleanup and restoration services.

  • We are certified experts on various aspects of cleaning, repairing and restoring various areas of the home.
  • We know how to treat walls, flooring, and ceiling to prevent mildew and mold from growing.
  • We know how to repair all the damaged parts and make sure that it’s safe to return when the repairs are done.
  • We are insurance company approved and certified.  Therefore we will work directly with your insurance agency for all the paperwork.

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Water Damage

Water damage restoration is not a simple task and should be left to a professional service provider.  On your part you can carry out a background check of the service provider.  What is their level of expertise and experience?  How will they carry out the job?  What equipment will they use?  What charges are included and what is outside the scope of the quotation?  How long will they take to complete the job?  It is better to go for a reputed service provider for water damage restoration.  They will give you a fair estimate and do a thorough professional job, without trying to cut corners.

Fire – Smoke Damage

Our service will ensure that all your fire and smoke removal is done effectively so that the look of your home remains what you always wanted it to be. We provide solutions to all areas that need serious cleaning like homes, businesses or mechanical clean ups, industries and many others. Trust the removing of fire and smoke residues to the experts. Do not let amateurs mess with your home or property.

Flood Damage

Serious flood damage would requires serious attention in order to be sure that not only flood water is extracted. Wet areas should be treated quickly and dried completely to minimize the serious effects of flood damage. If the flood extraction is not carried out quickly, the damages on your property may get severe. Rest assured that your chance of suffering a problem in mold removal is reduced. Carpet and furniture should be treated at once to decrease the chance of microbial growth. Other personal properties can be salvaged from the flood damage, if only given with the right attention. Electrical components might have been soaked in the flood as they must be cleared right away, in order to avoid hazardous electrical short circuit.

Mold Damage

Mold remediation refers to the removal of mold, especially the toxic kind, from inside home, office, school, etc. It is always better to seek professional help to effectively remove widespread presence of mold with the help of specialized equipment and methods. The cleanup of mold can take many days, depending on the area of contamination and wetness. Though molds are commonly present in household and workplace dust, presence of large quantities of spores can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems. The molds that produce mycotoxins are known to pose health risks to humans and animals.

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Sewage Damage

Sewage is a very detrimental wastewater component that could bring several health risks to the people who are exposed to it if not given the right attention immediately. You should immediately give attention to any sewage contamination of your property. However, since you do not know anything about sewage checking or damage restoration, you should allow professionals to do the job. They are the solution to your problem because they offer the sewage damage restoration service that will provide you satisfaction, relief and peace of mind.

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